MELANIE hodges

CEO / The Boss

Certified Food Manager 21925-17

JL's Lone Star BBQ

Willis, TX 77318, USA


If your interested in inviting us to a cook off or are in need of catering services, drop us a line and we'll hook you up. 

Joe "JL" Hodges

Pitmaster / Co-Owner

Certified Food Manager 21924-17

Our Team

JL's Lone Star BBQ began as Joe Hodges started BBQing for friends, family, and the Boy Scouts of Troop 507 and thier families. Then it developed into a family owned and operated BBQ restaurant in Murphy, NC where Jason Hodges was taught to BBQ.

Since the restaurant closed in 1994 the passion has lived on. Joe and Jason continue to cook for friends and family. Jason has began cooking in competitive BBQ events with friends in 2014, and placed 2nd in pulled pork in the Montgomery County Fair Barbeque Cook Off. Joe, not to be out done by his son, took 1st place for brisket at the First Baptist Church Willis Roundup cook off.

BBQ is a passion for them and we will see where the venture will take them in the future.

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Our History

We are located in Willis, Texas.  We can easily travel to any area to compete in a cook off or catering service. Here's a map, just e-mail us and we will be glad to tell you if we can provide service's in your area. 

Jason hodges

Pitmaster / Co-Owner

Certified Food Manager 21926-17