NOTE:  Prices do not include sales tax.

Example of reheat instructions provided.


BBQ by the pound:

* Pulled Pork ... $12.00

* Brisket ... $15.00

Sausage ... $9.00

* 1/2 Chicken ... $8.00

* Whole Chicken ... $16.00

* Ribs ... $15.00

By the pound is available by advance request only.  All BBQ by the pound will be prepared, smoked, vacuum sealed, and frozen on the same day.  4 ounces of JL's Signature BBQ sauce will be supplied with each pound.   Easy to follow reheat Instructions will be provided with each order. 

Shipping in the lower 48 of the U.S. is available but shipping charges will apply.

* BBQ Plate Combo.........$ 14.50

All plates are served with 2 of JL's sides that were prepared for the day,

BBQ bread, JL's signature BBQ sauce, fresh sliced jalapenos, onions, pickle slices, and a

drink.  Meats to be served will either be pulled pork or sliced brisket and sausage. 

Ribs and chicken will be available on some weekends but it will be served as a 1 meat plate.

* BBQ Stuffed Potato.........$ 11.50

All potato's are served with cheddar cheese, sour cream, chives, and drizzled with JL's signature BBQ sauce, and a drink.  The potato will can either be stuffed with pulled pork, chopped brisket, or sliced smoke sausage.

* BBQ Sandwich Combo.........$ 10.00

All sandwiches are served with potato chips, onions, pickles, fresh jalapeno's, and a drink.

Pulled Pork - pulled pork tossed in JL's signature BBQ sauce that is served on a King's Hawaiian bun.

Chopped beef - chopped brisket in JL's signature BBQ sauce that is served on a 4" hamburger bun.

Sausage - sliced smoke sausage with JL's signature BBQ sauce that is served on a 4" hamburger bun.

We do not operate as a food truck every Saturday due to the demand of catering.  When we do operate as a food truck our food truck menu will vary each Saturday. Please follow us on Facebook for the exact menu to be served & location. 

The following is an example of the items that will be served.

Food truck menu: