catering options:


catering menu:

All products are homemade.  All meats are made without sauce and the sauce
will be served on the side, after all great BBQ don't need sauce.

Select your menu and catering options from this list's below and contact us for a quote by using the find us page or by e-mail


Dutch oven cooked delicacy. 

Available in peach, apple, and cherry.

Dump Cakes
Dutch oven cooked and are pure deliciousness.  If you can dream up a style of cake it could probably be made this way. 

Popular styles are Apple Caramel, Chocolate Cherry,

Chocolate Lava Brownie, and Peach.

Banana Pudding

Can't get any better than homemade banana pudding.  Sweet, creamy, fresh sliced banana's, nilla wafers, with a whipped cream topping.

NOTE:  Prices do not include sales tax.

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Price's include: 1/2 pound of meat per person, 2 sides dishes, JL's signature BBQ sauce,
BBQ bread or buns, sliced onion, pickle chips, fresh sliced jalapenos, tea or lemonade,
water, disposable cups, disposable plates, disposable utensils, and condiments. 

Pick Up Option
The prices listed below are for a pick up from our restaurant service for a catering party of 50 or more. 

We provide everything  listed above along with disposable chafing dishes and disposable serving utensils. 

1 meat - $13.00 per person

2 meats - $13.50 per person
3 meats - $14.00 per person

Ribs - add $2.50 per person

Additional sides – add $1.50 per person

Delivery Option

The prices listed below are for a delivery from our restaurant service for a catering party of 100 or more.  We provide everything
listed above along with disposable chafing dishes and disposable serving utensils, no line service provided.

1 meat - $14.00 per person
2 meats - $14.50 per person
3 meats - $15.00 per person
Ribs - add $2.50 per person
Additional sides – add $1.50 per person


* Potato Salad
Our top selling side that is just like momma made!  This

tater salad is a little on this sweet side but is creamy and

delicious.  We guarantee you will not have any better.

Baked Beans

Not your ordinary baked bean recipe.  We take our beans

and cooked them with some our signature sauce, burnt ends,

brown sugar and pineapple chunks, just like my momma made!

Pinto Beans

* Jalapeno Potato Salad

This mayonnaise based potato salad that is a little on the spicy side.

Cole Slaw

A fresh crunchy slaw with a little bit of mayonnaise and vinegar.

                        Macaroni Salad

A creamy macaroni salad that is served chilled.

                     Macaroni & Cheese

If Gomer Pyle tried this he would say it's "Cheesy,

Cheesy, Cheesy".  It is creamy and delicious.

                       Corn on the Cob

Fresh shucked corn boiled in water and butter (in season only).

    Baked Potato's

   Pit smoked potato's, a different texture than a normal

      baked potato which is a little chunky with a smoked flavor.

Garden Salad

served with 2 salad dressings


* Pulled Pork

                     Boston Butts are cooked low and slow and are pulled

                       right before serving.  Sliced pork available upon request.

* Brisket

                   Brisket is cooked low and slow and will be served sliced.

                                 Chopped brisket is available upon request.

* Pork Ribs

Whole racks of pork spare ribs that are smoked low

and slow and are served by individual rib.  Half racks and

Whole racks of ribs are available upon request.

* Smoked Chicken

                 Chicken is smoked low and slow and are served in quarters.

                      Half chicken and whole chicken is available upon request.

Smoked Sausage

                      Sausage is cooked low and slow and are served sliced.

                            Whole links available upon request.  MSG free item.

* Fatty's

Fatty's are a BBQ style stuffed meatloaf that is cooked low and

slow for 5 hours.  Fatty's are wrapped in bacon and are served

sliced (serve's 9 people).  A fatty can be made by using any

combination of ingredients that you can think of.  Style's that have

been made are Ruben, Chicken Cordon Blue, Cheeseburger,

Buffalo Chicken, and Breakfast.  *NOTE:  This is a special order item.