NOTE:  Prices do not include sales tax.

* Bottled Drinks

Gold Peak Sweet Tea / Gold Peak Unsweet Tea / Coca-Cola / Sprite / Fanta Orange.......$2.00

Drink Smart Plus Alkaline Water.......$1.50

Nestle Pure Life bottled water........$1.00



BBQ by the pound:

We opened our store front on June 26th, 2019!  Stop on by and see us for the best Q around.

We are located at 17156 West FM 1097 Road, Suite 4, in Montgomery, Texas. 

Our business hours are 11 AM to 8 PM unless we sell out on Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday.

* BBQ Stuffed Potato.........$ 12.00

served as a special, follow us on Facebook for serving times of this product.

All potato's are served with cheddar cheese, sour cream, chives, and drizzled with JL's signature BBQ sauce.

* BBQ Sandwich Combo.........$ 8.50

Pulled Pork


All sandwiches are served with 1 side.  BBQ Sandwiches will be served "Texas style" (with onions, pickles, and fresh jalapeno's

on the side) unless you try Carolina Style for $0.50 more.  Then it is topped with Cole slaw and a vinegar BBQ sauce.

* BBQ Plate Combo

   1 meat.........$ 13.00

  2 meats.........$13.50

  3 meats.........$14.00

  Pork Spare Ribs......$14.00

Combo plates consist of the meat choices of brisket, pulled pork, chicken quarters, and sausage.

All plates are served with 2 of JL's sides, BBQ bread, JL's signature BBQ sauce, fresh

sliced jalapenos, onions, and pickle slices.  Ribs and chicken will be available at dinner only.

Daily prepared sides are potato salad, coleslaw, and baked beans.

                                                           1/2 pound         1 pound

                       * Pulled Pork                   $ 7.00             $ 14.00

                       * Brisket                        $ 8.50              $ 17.00

                          Sausage                       $ 5.00             $ 10.00

                       * 1/2 Chicken                  $ 8.00 each

                       * Ribs                1/2 Rack....$ 12.50       Whole Rack.....$ 25.00

                       * Sides                 1/2 pint.....$ 3.00        1 pint.....$ 6.00

By the pound is available by advanced request only.

4 ounces of JL's Signature BBQ sauce will be supplied with each pound.